Registered participants: get your room

11 May 2012 | Article

Make sure to book your accommodation early to get the best deal!

Did you know that Jeju is one of the prime holiday destinations in Asia? Jeju boasts the warmest sea temperatures of Korea and its coastal beaches attract thousands of visitors every summer.

The World Conservation Congress works to make your experience in Jeju as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. To this end, the Host Country has established the Official Housing Bureau (OHB) to make hotel bookings easier and provide shuttle services to and from the International Convention Centre Jeju (ICCJ).

Up to 30 June, registered participants have guaranteed priority on all the accommodation reserved for the World Conservation Congress when booking through the Official Housing Bureau.

Not sure you can register to the Congress on time? Don’t worry, you can still book your room through the OHB after that date. Until 5 August, the Official Housing Bureau keeps a reserve of rooms for Congress participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

So why bother booking now?

  • Firstly, to save money. By organizing your trip now, you can take advantage of the Early Bird discount on fees, which ends on 5 July. Don’t forget you need to be registered in order to book a room through the OHB.
  • Secondly, to have a better choice and avoid disappointment, of course. Shuttle buses are provided, but booking now ensures you can choose to stay in close vicinity to the ICCJ. Your chances of getting a room in the hotels and hostels selected for the Congress will be slimmer the longer you wait.

So jump on board for a stress-free Congress experience under the September Jeju sun.

Please note that the Official Housing Bureau would not contact you directly to solicit your booking. Any agency doing so does not take part in the organization of the World Conservation Congress.